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Bodmin Bowls Club

The first meeting of the Bodmin Bowls Club was in the Guildhall when 38 professional  and business people pledged from £3 to £5 each to form a bowls club. The green was opened on its present site by the Rev.T.B. Baron Collins on the  21st June 1922.
Ald. Browning Lyne, founder and editor of the Cornish Guardian, was the inspiration and was club president for its first 29 years.
The first pavilion was built in 1924 at a cost of £58. The  club ticked over before and during the World War 2 but one returning soldier who joined in 1946 soon had a giant impact on events. Charles Dean gradually improved the club and then, with a great act of faith, begged and borrowed the money for a new pavilion in 1971 and a four rink indoor green in 1972 at a cost of £36,500 This put the  club on a firm financial footing and we are still reaping the benefit today.
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